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The True Value of Education

Muchas veces estoy hablando con un cliente y tratando de explicar el valor de una educación adecuada. He intentado diversos enfoques y estos no siempre hacen eco. La gente se pregunta por qué no pueden simplemente auto-aprender o improvisar. Piense por un momento en el resultado esperado de una clase […]


The Customers Always Write.

Three common cues you can take from emerging social listening initiatives. Today’s consumer is more empowered than ever before. When selecting products and services, countless review sites and aggregation services afford the buyer with unbiased (mostly), transparent product information. This shift in product knowledge has put sales organizatioWEDwdns on notice, […]

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Remarkable ROI in Sales Analytics.

Sharing a few of my favorite Qlik sales analytics ROI stories!   It’s not every day that a customer of a software vendor shares the quantifiable value they’ve achieved using the vendor’s products.  After all, sharing the realized benefits can be perceived as giving away a competitive advantage or providing […]


Making Decisions: More Than A Gut Instinct

Decisions are comprised of three parts and your gut instinct is just one piece of the puzzle. I was watching a fascinating program on phantom limbs by VS Rachmandram where he discussed patient’s pain associated with a limb that no longer exists. The brain is tricked by using a simple […]